Spanish courses

All levels cover different aspects of language: pronunciation, grammar, conversation, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, as well as the different aspects of life and Spanish and Latin American culture, all based on the teaching of the four skills: listening and speaking listening and reading.


Levels according MCRE (Common European Framework of Reference, 2002):


• Level A1

Aimed at: Beginners with little or no knowledge of Spanish.

• Level A2

Aimed at: Beginners with some knowledge of Spanish.



• Level B1

Aimed at students who have prior knowledge and speak some Spanish.

• Level B2

Aimed at those students who understand and speak Spanish well, but even with mistakes, especially in terms of grammar issues and more complex pronunciation.



• Level C1, whose complexity is divided into two blocks: C1.1 and C1.2, and will target those students who have a broad understanding of the Spanish language.



• Level C2, whose complexity is divided into two blocks: C2.1 and C2.2, and will target students who have a near-native level of Spanish.


Following an assessment by level test and review of previous studies by our teachers, each student will be assigned the most appropriate course according to your level.

The courses are Monday through Friday from 9:30 am, with 20 hours per week.


The number of students in each class is limited to a maximum of 10 and classes are supplemented by audiovisual and instructional materials for fast and efficient learning.



At the end of each course a series of tests (written and oral) in order to assess the level acquired, obtaining, where applicable, the certificate shall be made.

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