International school

The Asian Studies and Business Center was founded in 1998, is aimed at an international school teaching all disciplines focused on East Asia, especially in China.

Thus, from our centre, we provide courses in Chinese and Japanese language, Tai Chi, Chinese calligraphy, enterprise and business, culture, etc. All are avialabe for Spanish and international students.

Meanwhile, we specialized in accommodating groups or privates from Asian countries and providing foreign culture study and travel. Such as our international school which contains varies courses related to Spanish culture and language with authorized certifications.

CENA is located in the center of our city of Lleida, less than 100 kilometers from the coast city of Tarragona, only 130 kilometers to downtown Barcelona, northeastern Iberian Peninsula is the heart of the city.

Lleida is an important city and service-oriented center, including medical care, education, culture and recreation and other fields, the municipalities and cities of Lleida province are listed as some of the model cities in Spain, as well as province of Aragon(next to LLeida). According to statistics, Lleida now has 497,678 residents, extensive commercial effects of radiation.

The economy of Lleida city is mainly concentrated in the service, providing 71.4% of the employed population, followed by industry, construction and agriculture.

As for cultural assets, there are two cathedrals, La Seu Vella and La Seu Nova and the palace of the Paeria or Old St. Mary's Hospital,etc. In terms of cultural facilities, we have the new Diocesan and Regional Museum, the Municipal Auditorium Enric Granados, Escorxador Theatre and the future Museum of Science and Climate. They’re all fulfilled the condensed cultures in Lleida.

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